The Lumi Nova App for children and their families

We’ve partnered with BFB Labs to offer Young People across Hertfordshire free, instant access to Lumi Nova: Tales of Courage, a digital therapy delivered through a fun and engaging mobile game to help 7-12 years olds learn how to manage and reduce symptoms of anxiety whilst building resilience and skills to support them longer term, gain confidence and thrive.

Lumi Nova works best when children are supported by a parent or a trusted adult to complete challenges, especially the real life ones (this can be at home, school or nearby).

It is suitable for:

  • 7-12 year olds (who require initial support but are not in crisis)
  • Children who have some fears and worries that they find challenging

Instant access to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based support:

  • CBT is proven to be the most effective treatment for anxiety
  • Lumi Nova supports this by safely and gradually increasing exposure in relation to concerns and worries and helping to develop the skills to deal with those concerns and worries

For more information, watch our short video about Lumi Nova

Getting Access to Lumi Nova

Follow the steps below to get instant access to Lumi Nova today:

1)     Click the “Get Access” button below and complete the sign up form.

2)    You will receive a text message with a link to get started and will need to complete a short survey. Once complete, you’ll receive another text message with your game key and download link.

3)    Download the game on a mobile phone or tablet that your child has regular access to. Unlock the game with your game key and don’t share the game key with your child.

Compatible on iPhones, iPads, most Android devices and Amazon Fire devices (Amazon App Store).

Lumi Nova uses cloud saving, which means that each account can be used on up to three devices.

For professionals that would like to demo the game, please email us at [email protected] and we will set you up with a test account.

How it works

Lumi Nova has been developed alongside both NHS clinicians and leading academics at the Anxiety & Depression in Young People Clinic based at the University of Reading.

The young person goes on an exciting intergalactic adventure through space where they explore new planets and collect treasure. As part of the therapy your child/young person will:

  • Shortlist 3 goals with you from a list of 15 different goals related to separation anxiety, social anxiety and phobias
  • Learn to break down goals into smaller, manageable challenges that gradually get harder
  • Complete in-game challenges to help build confidence before tackling real life challenges
  • Learn about how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect each other
  • Repeat challenges to build resilience and unlock new rewards
  • Game play is time limited to support positive screen time

As this is a therapeutic intervention for young people, the With YOUth team will be in contact with trusted adults after 3-4 weeks of inactivity or if a young person rates high on the anxiety scales during a challenge to offer additional support.

For children with sensory difficulties or sensory based anxieties, it is recommended that Lumi Nova is used alongside professional support so that reasonable adjustments can be made. Lumi Nova is not suitable for children with severe or complex needs.