This session addresses the stress and anxiety taking exams can cause by re-defining these emotions to become warning signs or triggers to help children and young people know when to take action. Attendees will learn how to cope with these emotions in an exam context. This session is ideal for year 11s preparing for their GCSE exams.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session attendees will be expected to:

  • Have a broad understanding of what stress and anxiety is and how to define it
  • Gain practical self-help strategies to cope with the stress and anxiety exams can cause
  • Know when and where to access additional support

This was the first workshop I was actually engaged in. I think it was because the trainer was really relatable, simplified the information and went through things step-by-step

Target Audience

Children and young people, youth professionals and parents/carers and families.


1.5 hours

To book:

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