How much do training and workshops cost?

Spot the Signs & Emotional Wellbeing is a fully-funded programme that offers free training and workshops. For any requests outside of our standard training and workshops, please register your interest and we will provide you with a competitive individual quote to match your requirements.

Do I get a certificate upon completion of the training or workshop?

Upon completion of our Spot the Signs – Youth Suicide Prevention Training course you will receive a certificate. Unfortunately, we do not currently provide certificates for any of our other training and workshops.


What resources will I receive upon completion of the training or workshop?

Depending on the training or workshop you attend, you will receive a range of relevant resources upon completion of the session. Standard resources all attendees will receive include: training notes (which cover the key information on the slides) and our Spot the Signs and Emotional Wellbeing Children and Young People’s Signposting guide. We typically aim to send these out no less than five working days after the session.

What format do the training and workshops take?

Depending on whether the training or workshop is delivered in-person or online, the session may include elements of full group discussion, activities within pairs and small groups, videos, case studies and more.

Will there be time for breaks during the training and workshops?

Due to the majority of our training and workshops lasting 1.5 hours in length or less, we don’t typically schedule breaks within our sessions. If you would like us to schedule in a comfort break, please let us know and we will accommodate your needs. Any longer sessions will include comfort breaks or a half an hour break as standard.