About the campaign

Spot the Signs & Emotional Wellbeing is a fully-funded programme offering training and workshops to children and young people (CYP), CYP’s parents/carers and professionals working with CYP.

The programme provides psychoeducation, emotional resilience and signposting support to empower young people and the adults around them to feel confident enough to manage their mental and emotional health. All sessions can be delivered in-person or online upon your request.

How it helps:

  • Signposts children and young people to mental health support in Hertfordshire, with information on the website and a Signposting Guide you can download & print
  • Encourages peer and familial support through mental health workshops
  • Empowers children and young people to manage, monitor and take control of their mental health
  • Offers a selection of free training and workshops covering mental health awareness, parental support, adolescent development, self-help strategies and a formal suicide awareness training for professionals working with young people

Booking Training or Workshops

To book an in-house training session or workshop (in-person or online) – email us at: [email protected]

If you are a professional working in Hertfordshire and would like to book onto an open session, please visit: https://hscb.event-booking.org.uk/

For further information about each session click on the images below: