This session provides an introduction to young children’s mental health and development. It equips attendees with a foundational theoretical understanding of concepts and research surrounding young children’s early needs. It explores young children’s emotional and relational experiences alongside risk factors for poor mental health. Space is given for sharing best practice between professionals in attendance and the session closes by providing information on practical resources to be used with young children as well as details of local service provision.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the session, attendees will be expected to:

  • Have developed a greater understanding of child development in relation to the building blocks needed for children to thrive, particularly socially, emotionally and mentally
  • Possess greater knowledge around factors that can negatively impact outcomes for children, foregrounding relational experiences
  • Explore approaches to young children’s emotional regulation and expression of feeling
  • Feel more confident in knowing how to approach mental health and wellbeing with young children
  • Benefit from a space to share best practice amongst peers
  • Become familiar with resources and materials that can be used with young children to support them with their mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Have gained an awareness of local services that can support young children with social, emotional and mental health needs

Target audience

Youth professionals only.


3 hours.

To book

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Cost will be discussed upon enquiry.