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We understand mental health and wellbeing and we are here for you if you are finding things difficult.

If you are struggling with your feelings, we have lots of practical tips and tools that we can share with you to help you explore and understand your feelings. We will help you to find the tips and tools that will work best for you.

The section below includes a library of resources (information, self help tools and goal setting worksheets).

Please use the search function, or the drop down category box to search for topics such as emotions, bullying, relationships etc.

Content for children

Content for young people


Tips on Coping with Anger
Tips on Coping with Anger, anger emotions
Anger Management Resource (Young people)
Anger Management Resource (Young people), anger emotions
Anger Management Resource (Children)
Anger Management Resource (Children), anger emotions
Depression Information Sheet
Depression Information Sheet, low-mood wellbeing
Friendship (Young people)
Friendship (Young people), relationships wellbeing
Types of Mental Health Information Sheet
Types of Mental Health Information Sheet, low-mood wellbeing
Stress Bucket
Stress Bucketstress
Strength List (Young people)
Strength List (Young people)wellbeing
Strength List (Children)
Strength List (Children)wellbeing
Social Battery
Social Battery, emotions wellbeing
Relationship Circle
Relationship Circlerelationships
Phases in Grief
Phases in Griefwellbeing
My Life
My Lifewellbeing
Muscle Relaxation Guide
Muscle Relaxation Guide, stress wellbeing
Low Mood   Info
Low Mood Infolow-mood
Low Mood (Children)
Low Mood (Children)low-mood
Intrusive Thoughts Worksheet
Intrusive Thoughts Worksheet, anxiety wellbeing
How To Deal With Cyberbullying
How To Deal With Cyberbullyingbullying
How To Deal With Bullies (Young people)
How To Deal With Bullies (Young people)bullying
How To Deal With Bullies (Children)
How To Deal With Bullies (Children)bullying
With Youth Goal Setting Workbook
With Youth Goal Setting Workbookgoal-setting
Friendship Information Sheet
Friendship Information Sheetrelationships
Wellbeing Superhero Resource (Children)
Wellbeing Superhero Resource (Children)wellbeing
Five Ways to Wellbeing Superhero Resource   (Young people)
Five Ways to Wellbeing Superhero Resource (Young people), goal-setting wellbeing
Exposure Ladder
Exposure Ladderanxiety
Exam Stress Resource (Young people)
Exam Stress Resource (Young people)stress
Exam Stress Resource (Children)
Exam Stress Resource (Children), anxiety stress
Tips On Coping With Depression (Young people)
Tips On Coping With Depression (Young people)low-mood
Challenging Negative Self thoughts
Challenging Negative Self thoughtsemotions
CBT Worksheet
CBT Worksheetanxiety
CBT Thinking Errors
CBT Thinking Errorsanxiety
Anger Mask Resource
Anger Mask Resourceanger
Achievements and Future Ambitions
Achievements and Future Ambitions, goal-setting wellbeing
Thinking Errors
Thinking Errors, anxiety wellbeing
My Emotions
My Emotions, emotions wellbeing
Goal Setting Workbook
Goal Setting Workbook, goal-setting wellbeing
Anxiety Flash Cards
Anxiety Flash Cards, , anxiety emotions wellbeing