Our open access With Youth service provides online support to children and young people experiencing mental ill health and/or emotional distress.

This is a countywide service available for any Hertfordshire resident aged 5-18, as well as parents, carers and professionals.

The service helps children and young people to build resilience by working with them to problem solve and develop coping strategies, coming up with solutions that will enable them to improve their own health and wellbeing. We will also provide advice and guidance to parents/families/carers and professionals to ensure a holistic response to supporting the individual and creating a network around them to empower and enable positive change.

In line with the Thrive model, this service targets children and young people who meet the needs of ‘getting advice’ and ‘getting help’, through person-centred, evidence-based digital interventions and support, utilising CBT principles and promoting the development of positive coping strategies. Working with the individual, we will take steps together to work through a tailored support plan.

Support may include:

All of these elements will use CBT and solution-focused principles on a range of platforms to make the service as accessible and helpful as possible, in a way that works best for each young person. The service is a safe, trusted space, which works alongside each person, empowering choice and decision making.

No formal referral is needed. Reach out to us today through our instant messaging service or email us at [email protected] with your preferred contact details.