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About the group

Spark is a free face-to-face young people’s group for 12-17 year olds in East Hertfordshire. Spark is funded by Building Life Chances and focuses on the benefits of using creativity to benefit our wellbeing.

The group is a drop-in, offering a safe and inclusive space for young people to connect socially with peers, explore different creative activities, build confidence, access support for their mental health and develop positive coping strategies and resilience.

We take an open and inclusive approach to creativity and art, being of the belief that everyone can participate in being creative in some way. You do not need to have any prior experience or skills in art to come along to this group.

Young people attending the group will have the opportunity to exercise creative freedom in trying different art mediums and taking part in collaborative creative projects with their peers. Activities offered in the group will be diverse, including things such as creative writing, using clay, photography, drawing and painting.

How do I access this group?

If you are a young person wanting to attend the Spark group, please email [email protected] or text/call Alex Smiles (they/them) on 07507 655937. We will then make contact with you to get some further details and arrange for you to come along.

Please note, this group runs from our Bishops Stortford Wellbeing Centre and is only available for East Herts residents.

If you are a youth professional or parent/carer wanting to support a young person to attend the group, please email us at [email protected]. We will then make contact with you to see how we can support your young person to come along.

Please also complete the Spark contact form and email to [email protected]